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Department of Auditory Neuroscience


Rostislav Turecek, PhD


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The role of inhibitory GABAb receptors in the auditory pathways, and age-related hearing loss


Rostislav Turecek, PhD

Project description

The gamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptor (GABAb) is a G-protein coupled receptor for GABA, a major inhibitory transmitter in the mammalian nervous system. Neurons of the auditory pathway generally show high levels of GABAb expression, yet the role of these receptors in the mechanisms of auditory function is not well understood. Since changes in inhibition have been found to be associated with various forms of hearing loss, GABAb dysfunction is also expected to play a role in some pathologies of the auditory system. The aim of the project is to reveal the action of GABAb receptors in the neural circuits of subcortical and cortical auditory areas of adult and aging mammals. Experimental work will include advanced in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological methods, in vivo Ca2+ imaging using two-photon microscopy, and immunohistochemical and behavioral techniques applied to mouse models of hearing disorders such as presbycusis and tinnitus. After learning the basics of these techniques, we expect the candidate to specialize in a chosen method.

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