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About Us

We are a renowned centre of basic biomedical research in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Our projects are focused on biomedical challenges, such as finding effective diagnostic markers and treatment of serious diseases associated with ageing of the human population (neurodegeneration, trauma, ischemia, musculoskeletal disorders, cancer and degenerative changes in vision and hearing). We also seriously consider the impact of environmental pollution on human health.

  • We are a proud holder of the “HR Excellence in Research” and “Ethnic Friendly Employer” awards.
  • We are a member of the Czech-Bioimaging, EATRIS, and NanoEnviCz infrastructures.
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Annual Brochure 2021-2022 (pdf, 46372 kB)
  • 1975 Established
  • 209 Employees
  • 56 Projects
  • 87 Publications (2023)

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