Popularisation of Science

We aim to bring science closer to the general public, disseminate the latest scientific knowledge, raise interest in the scientific and natural sciences, and support scientific thinking in society.

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In addition to scientific and research activities, the IEM CAS actively popularises science. We participate annually in the most significant popularisation events in the Czech Republic.

Overview of Popularization Events

Week of the Brain


Week of the Brain (open in a new window) is a unique cycle of lectures on the newest discoveries and trends in brain research and neuroscience, which is part of the Brain Awareness Week – the world’s largest public awareness campaign on the success and benefits of brain research. The Week of the Brain in the Czech Republic was initiated and established by the Czech neuroscientist Prof. Josef Syka in 1998.

Science Fair


Science Fair (open in a new window) is one of the largest popular educational events in the Czech Republic, organised annually by the Czech Academy of Sciences since 2015. It presents complex scientific phenomena and current research playfully and interactively, introducing science through creative displays, models, simulators and laboratories among others. The festival also connects experts and professionals from academia and scientific institutions with the public and commercial industry, actively promoting interest in science and innovation.



SicenceFest (open in a new window) is the largest scientific open-air festival in the Czech Republic. The Youth and Children House of the Capital City of Prague, the Czech Technical University and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague organise the event. More than 40 exhibitors and 101 expositions were presented in a total area of 1890 m² at Vítězné náměstí in Prague – Dejvice.

Researchers’ Night


Researchers’ Night (open in a new window) is a unique event that brings hundreds of scientific buildings and laboratories to life for one night. In the Czech Republic, the Researchers’ Night has been organised since 2005 and is represented by Czech universities, research institutes, observatories and other institutions. The event is coordinated nationally by the University of Ostrava and the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. Since 2020, the festival has been funded by the prestigious European project – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, which has managed to put the Czech Researchers’ Night on the European map.

Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences (open in a new window) is a science festival that follows the previous Week of Science and Technology of the CAS. The festival offers scientific lectures, exhibitions, events at institutes, documentary films, workshops and many other activities across the Czech Republic and all scientific disciplines. As part of the festival, the IEM CAS traditionally organises an Open Day, which includes individual and group excursions around the research departments, as well as a cycle of lectures which presents the latest discoveries and achievements of the IEM CAS to the public. The morning programme is focused primarily on high school students.

Open Science


Open Science (open in a new window) is a project of the Czech Academy of Sciences which opens the way to science and research for students, teachers and the public. Within the project, the IEM CAS organises year-long student scientific internships focused on various research fields and the popularisation of science.