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Behind every one of our successes are specific people.

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We appreciate your interest in studying and working at the IEM CAS.

The selection of new students and staff is very important to us because we realise that our success and the great results of our research depend on the skills and experience of everyone involved. In addition, we realise that the right choice of study and employment is one of the most important life decisions. Therefore, on the following page, we would like to provide you with all the essential information about our internships and open positions, including the personal experiences of our employees, to make your decision as easy as possible.



Undergraduate Studies

We cooperate with partner universities in theoretical and practical learning for natural sciences students. We offer a number of student internships to develop the talent and interest of the next generation of young scientists.

Postgraduate Studies

PhD students form the basis of our research teams and represent the future of Czech science. We are looking for ambitious, well-motivated, and talented students interested in science. If you have the passion to make new discoveries, the drive to test new theories, and the willingness to go above and beyond, then you are just what we are looking for.

Why study or work with us?

Although we are relatively small compared to other research institutions, we try to keep up with the world’s leading institutions and provide our scientists with the best conditions for their challenging work. Since September 2021, we have been a proud holder of the prestigious HR Award for excellence in managing human resources in a scientific environment. In addition, we are also a holder of the Ethnic Friendly Award, which declares an equal attitude towards national and ethnic minorities and multiculturalism within our work teams.
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The high level of science, modern facilities, beautiful and peaceful environment, friendly colleagues and inspiring research are the main reasons I chose the IEM CAS.

Kateřina Hoňková

In Europe, there are not many projects dealing with developmental biology. That is why I´m happy that I found one in the IEM CAS.

Erika Hudáčová
Erika Hudáčová

I chose the IEM CAS mainly because of my supervisor. When we got to know each other, immediately we formed a connection and we made a good team.

Lydia Knight
Lydia Knight

I have always wanted to focus on neuroscience and stem cell research, which came true thanks to my Ph.D. project at the IEM CAS.

Kristýna Kárová
Kristýna Kárová

How do our employees evaluate us?

Thanks to our employees’ anonymous and independent evaluation, you can immediately see how it really works at the IEM CAS.

Evaluations on (open in a new window) go through a multi-step verification process to ensure that the evaluator is a real employee of the institution or company, while all personal and identifying information is hidden from the employer. Therefore, you can be sure of a completely transparent and objective evaluation directly from our employees.

Graph showing the percentage evaluation of the IEM CAS by its employees. Employer evaluation: balancing work and family 84%, stability and the company's future 73%. Colleague evaluation: Respectful and fair treatment 82%, Mutual understanding 86%. Supervisor evaluation: overall cooperation 85%, fairness 74%, confidence 79%. (Updated 01. 08. 2023)

Internship Offer


    We apologise, but we do not currently have any internships on offer.
    Thank you for understanding.

    Open Positions

    • Department of Genetic Toxicology and Epigenetics

      Head of Department

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    • Department of Cell Nucleus Plasticity

      Postdoctoral Researcher

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    • In recruiting researchers, we follow the principles of an open, transparent selection procedure (OTM-R), which ensures a uniform selection procedure for all positions offered. These principles and procedures are also applied to a reasonable extent in selecting non-scientists.

      The basic principles of OTM-R are openness, transparency and non-discrimination. The requirements for applicants vary depending on the nature of the position and are always defined in the relevant advertisement, which defines our requirements for applicants. The selection procedure imposes minimum administrative requirements on the candidate, and for each selection, a minimum three-member panel is set up, which is gender-balanced and consists of the HR specialist, the head or their delegate of the organisational unit filling the post and one or more other members.

      Candidates shall be informed of their inclusion in the selection procedure and shall be informed of its completion and outcome at the end of the process. All personal materials are handled in accordance with the GDPR and Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the processing of personal data. All principles and procedures of the selection procedure are enshrined in the internal directive Personnel Processes - Principles and Principles of the Selection Procedure for Filling a Vacancy.

    Have you not found a suitable position?

    If you are interested in studying or working at the IEM CAS and would like to send us your CV, please use the following online form. Please note the terms of the Privacy Policy. Thank you.

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      If you will have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: