The prestigious "Journal of Neuroscience" has published another successful study by scientists from the IEM CAS

Publication Published on 03. 08. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

The prestigious Journal of Neuroscience has already published a second study by scientists from the IEM CAS. It is a study entitled “Subunit-Dependent Surface Mobility and Localization of NMDA Receptors in Hippocampal Neurons Measured Using Nanobody Probes” (open in a new window), in which a team of neuroscientists from the Department of Neurochemistry and colleagues from partner institutes of the CAS cooperated together.

The authors of the study on behalf of the IEM CAS are Štěpán Kortus, Kristýna Řeháková, Marharyta Kolcheva, Marek Ladislav, Emily Langore, Petra Baráčková, Jakub Netolický, Anna Misiachna, Katarína Hemelíková, Martina Kaniaková, Barbora Hrčka Krausová and Martin Horák.

This publication presents a comprehensive microscopic study of the surface localisation and mobility of the glutamate subtype of the NMDA receptor in hippocampal neurons. The experiments showed significant differences in the surface localisation and diffusion coefficients of different NMDA receptor subtypes in synaptic and extrasynaptic regions of neurons. The developed super-resolution microscopy approaches, including newly characterised microscopic probes, will be used to understand the molecular mechanisms of neuropsychiatric diseases, especially epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, which are directly linked with abnormal regulation of NMDA receptors.