IEM CAS hosted the Kick-Off Meeting of the EXREGMED project

ProjectResearch Published on 18. 12. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 2 minutes

On Thursday, 14 December 2023, the Kick-Off Meeting of representatives of the cooperating institutions involved in the new research project Excellence Research in Regenerative Medicine took place at the IEM CAS.

The project aims to create a Consortium, which will partly follow on from the achievements of the Centre of Reconstructive Neuroscience – NEURORECON and will be involved in research in the therapeutic methods of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. The project is expected to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic in this field of science, primarily through new applicable research and development results. The project activities focus on regenerating damaged tissues that cannot yet be treated or whose regenerative capacity is very limited.

The project involves a total of ten academic and university institutions. During the meeting, the principal investigators of each strategic research area presented the design of their future studies. Speakers from the IEM CAS were neuroscientist and junior leader Kristýna Kárová from the Department of Neuroregeneration (VZ1 – Neuroregeneration), head of the Department of Neurochemistry Martin Horák (VZ2 – Neurodegenerative diseases) and head of the Department of Tissue Engineering Eva Filová (VZ5 – Osteochondral defects). A complete overview of all speakers can be found in the official programme below.

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