Institutional Seminar Series 03/2023

Challenges of real-time exposure at the air-liquid interface: engine emissions and ambient air

Lecturer: Mgr. Tereza Červená / Department of Genetic Toxicology and Epigenetics

Annotation: In vitro toxicity tests of traffic emissions are usually done by the treatment of model cell lines with extractable organic matter (EOM) under submerged conditions. The aim of our projects is to focus on more realistic exposure conditions such as air-liquid interface (ALI) and the physical interaction of solid particles and gaseous pollutants with cells. In 2019, we patented an air-liquid interface exposure system for direct exposure in collaboration with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, and since then, it was used in 4 measuring campaigns and is planned to be used in ongoing projects also. Real-time direct exposure involves a proportional sampling of exhaust/ambient air, a partial flow dilution tunnel for exhaust fumes, and conditioning of the sample to stabilize temperature, humidity, and CO2 content. We regularly use human lung cell lines and human primary cells (olfactory cells) grown at the air-liquid interface and 3D lung tissue model MucilAirTM (Epithelix Sàrl, Geneva).

The seminar will be held in person, on Thursday, 2 March 2023, at 2:00 p.m. in the Turquoise Auditorium of the IEM CAS.

We are looking forward to your participation.