Entry Level Super-Resolution Microscopy

Basic Information

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of an “entry-level” super-resolution imaging methods based on the principle of Optical-Photon-Reassignment available in our facility at confocal microscopes Zeiss LSM880
with AiryScan and Olympus SpinSR10 with OSR.

What is meant by “Entry-Level Super-Resolution Microscopy”? It is a group of methods that improve resolution by a factor of ~2 over diffraction-limited imaging and are very easy to use. While these methods cannot offer the resolution improvement of factor 5x-10x like STED or STROM/PALM, they are fast, easy to operate and require no special sample preparation or extra skills. They are also very suitable for live cell imaging.


Speakers: Štěpán Kortus, Barbora Hyklová, Pavel Krist (Zeiss)

Day 1 / Wednesday / 14. 6. 2023

Morning session (9:00-11:30, Turquoise Auditorium)

9:00–9:15 – Registration
9:15–9:30 – Microscope service centre of the IEM CAS (Barbora Hyklová)
9:30–10:15 – Introduction to Super-Resolution Microscopy (Štěpán Kortus)
10:00–10:30 – Coffee break
10:30–11:30 – Super-Resolution with AiryScan (Pavel Krist)
11:30–12:30 – Lunch break
12:30–15:30 – Afternoon session
12:30–13:30 – Facility tour

  • Group 1: In-vivo, Light sheet, SpinSR10 (Štěpán Kortus)
  • Group 2: Zeiss LSM880, Olympus FV1200, Olympus FV10, Zeiss Observer (Barbora Hyklová)

13:30–15:00 – Quick demonstration of Zeiss LSM880 and Olympus SpinSR10

  • Group 1: Demonstration with Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan (Štěpán Kortus)
  • Group 2: Demonstration with Olympus SpinSR10 (Barbora Hyklová)

Day 2 / Thursday / 15. 6. 2023

9:00–11:30 – Morning session

  • Group 1: Hands-on with Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan (Pavel Krist)
  • Group 2: Hands-on with Olympus SpinSR10 (Štěpán Kortus)

11:30–12:30 – Lunch break
12:30–15:00 – Afternoon session

  • Group 1: Hands-on with Olympus SpinSR10 (Štěpán Kortus)
  • Group 2: Hands-son with Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan (Pavel Krist)

15:00–15:15 – Course summary (Turquoise Auditorium)


The registration fee is 1000 CZK per person.