Entry Level Super-Resolution Microscopy


Both the date and the program are preliminary and can be subject to change. Registration will be opened a few months before the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Basic Information

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of an “entry-level” super-resolution imaging methods based on the principle of Optical-Photon-Reassignment available in our facility at confocal microscopes Zeiss LSM880
with AiryScan and Olympus SpinSR10 with OSR.

What is meant by “Entry-Level Super-Resolution Microscopy”? It is a group of methods that improve resolution by a factor of ~2 over diffraction-limited imaging and are very easy to use. While these methods cannot offer the resolution improvement of factor 5x-10x like STED or STROM/PALM, they are fast, easy to operate and require no special sample preparation or extra skills. They are also very suitable for live cell imaging.

Duration: 3 days

Registration fee: 1000 CZK

Language: English

Location: IEM library, microscope rooms