The poster by Andrea Rössnerová was awarded the special committee award "Honorable Mention"

Award Published on 20. 11. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

In mid-October, the 15th international conference – NANOCON (open in a new window), took place in Brno, focusing on innovations in the research and development of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. Our scientists from the Department of Nanotoxicology and Molecular Epidemiology and the Department of Genetic Toxicology and Epigenetics attended the conference and presented their posters and current research projects. It was a very successful presentation for IEM CAS because one of the presented projects received the “Honorable Mention” award. It was the poster of toxicologist Andrea Rössnerová entitled “Structural and Numerical Aberration Profiling in Women Acutely Exposed during Processing of Dental Nanocomposites“. We congratulate and wish her much success in her further research.

Other presenters at the conference were:

  • Pavel Rössner / The Impact of Exposure to Nanoparticles on DNA in Leukocytes of Nanocomposite Workers
  • Zuzana Šímová / Transcriptome Changes in Humans Acutely Exposed to Nanoparticles during Grinding of Dental Nanocomposites
  • Táňa Závodná / Epigenetic Mechanisms of Macrophage Polarization Induced by Nanofibres