The Frontiers in Oncology journal has published an editorial by scientists of the IEM CAS

PublicationResearch Published on 21. 11. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

The international journal Frontiers in Oncology has published an editorial (open in a new window) related to the successful research topic „Strategies in Overcoming the Chemoresistance in Colorectal Cancer (open in a new window)”,authored by Soňa Vodenková, Tomáš Büchler and Veronika Vymetálková.

The publications included in this research theme deal with different aspects of the effectiveness of therapy for patients with colorectal cancer.

Studies have outlined the potential of new therapeutic strategies (Zhang et al., Zheng et al., Hu et al., Jiang et al, Lin et al.), introduced new predictive markers (Li et al.) and different perspectives and options for adjuvant therapy in patients with rectal cancer (Kuo et al.), as well as molecular mechanisms involved in the therapeutic response of patients with colorectal cancer (Horak et al., Moretton et al., Liu et al.).

The articles in this collection of publications have already been viewed 12266 times and downloaded 5395 times. These publications, including the eBook, can be viewed and downloaded on the website Frontiers in Oncology (open in a new window).