PhD Open position 2024/2025

Membrane microdomains in the regulation of intracellular communication


Head of the Department
Assoc. Prof. Jan Malínský, Ph.D.

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Project description

There is active inter-membrane communication within the cell, both via vesicular transport and through the direct exchange of membrane components, carried out at the so-called membrane contact sites, i.e. juxtaposed microdomains of differently specialised membranes.

The aim of the study will be to map the response of the membrane contact sites to structural changes of the MCC/eisosome membrane microdomain and to examine the possible role of this remodelling of the cell membrane architecture in the regulation of membrane lipid metabolism and cellular metabolism in general. Experiments will largely be conducted in a genetically accessible model of the yeast S. cerevisiae. It is expected that the student will use molecular biology techniques to label the relevant proteins and, using modern fluorescence microscopy techniques, will be able to observe changes in their localisation/distribution in response to alterations in MCC/eisosome structure, either in deletion mutants that lack some of the structural components of this membrane microdomain, or under stress conditions that are known to induce similar changes in the MCC/eisosome structure. The observed changes will eventually be correlated with the changes in the lipid composition of the membranes involved.

Candidate profile

Work experience in the field of molecular and cell biology with a genuine interest in biochemical processes and/or biological functions associated with cellular membranes.

Basic skills in molecular biology techniques and an interest in fluorescence microscopy.

Suggested reading

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  • Zahumenský J, Mota Fernandes C, Veselá P, Del Poeta M, Konopka JB, Malínský J. Microdomain Protein Nce102 Is a Local Sensor of Plasma Membrane Sphingolipid Balance. Microbiol Spectr. 10(4):e01961-22 (2022)

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