Access to the microscopy service laboratory

We provide access to the facilities in Open Access mode and in accordance with the following rules: 

Access requirements 

  • Every user is obligated to follow instructions given by a technician. 
  • Every user must attend training for the microscope of use (see Services section). 
  • Untrained persons are allowed to use the microscopes only under supervision of technician. 

Mandatory training 

  • Before using a microscope, every user must be trained in how to use that microscope.  
  • The training usually consists of two sessions, each lasting two hours. The user is provided with a basic theoretical framework during the first session, during which they attempt to acquire an image with the help of the technician. The second session is hands-on, and the user gains practical skills needed to operate the microscope.   
  • The course can be adapted to the user’s individual needs and abilities. It is possible to shorten the session in case of experienced users. It is also possible to add more sessions if necessary.   
  • It is advantageous to bring your own samples, but it is not necessary.   
  • Trained users, who have not used the microscope for more than 12 months, must attend the renewal training. The training has a form of technician’s assistance during the user’s experiment.   

Equipment reservation 

  • Booking is mandatory prior to the use of equipment.  
  • As default, a user can reserve max. 20 hours per 2 weeks for one device. Booking more hours is possible on request. 
  • Initial training is provided on an individual basis and is organized upon contacting facility staff. Individual login details to the booking system are provided to each user after training is completed. 
  • If a user cannot come to the microscope at the reserved time, they are obliged to cancel the reservation so that the microscope can be used by another user. 
  • Cancellation is only possible at the date of the booking, not retroactively.  

Access to the facility 

  • The equipment is accessible 24/7 for fully trained users.  
  • Support is available during normal working hours.  
  • Access to the building is enabled through an access card. Upon request, external users will be provided with a guest card.  
  • All equipment is placed in locked rooms. For external users, keys are available upon request from facility staff. Users are responsible for locking the room when finished.  

Safety and maintenance 

  • Unless agreed with the technician, it is not allowed to mount or dismount any optical, electronical, or other device on the microscopes (objectives, filters, cameras, etc.). 
  • The user is obligated to inform the technician about any fault or accident which occurred during an experiment. 
  • User is obligated to keep the microscope and microscope room clean. In case oil immersion objective is used, users are obligated to gently clean the objectives with specialized tissue and ethanol.  
  • Eating and drinking in the microscope room is not allowed. 

Data management 

  • Facility does not take responsibility for the user data stored on local acquisition PCs or image analysis workstations.  
  • For data transfer, all users have access to a shared network storage space called the ‘Transfer’. This storage is mapped to all local PCs, workstations and user’s PCs within the IEM network.  
  • Users are strongly advised to upload data to the ‘Transfer’ drive immediately after acquisition and subsequently save it to their own storage space. For long term storage, each internal user is provided access to institutional secured storage capacity. 
  • External users can utilize one of the data analysis workstations to transfer data to portable physical storage devices. Additionally, data can be temporarily uploaded to cloud storage upon request. 
  • Data from the ‘Transfer’ drive is deleted periodically and users are notified in advance to save all important data. In special cases, users can ask for prolongation. 
  • We encourage users to adhere to the FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) when publishing their research. 

Fees and billing 

  • The hourly rate for equipment usage is defined in the price list.  
  • Bookings outside of normal working hours (18:00-8:00) and during weekends and holidays is discounted by 25 %. Pilot imaging and training is free of charge. 
  • Discounts are not cumulative.  
  • Billing cycle is 3 months.  

Compliance and enforcement 

  • Every user must comply with all institutional, local, and state regulations governing research and safety. 
  • All research conducted in the facility must adhere to ethical standards and guidelines. 
  • Access to microscopes can be denied in case of violation of the rules.