Scientists of the IEM CAS are co-authors of a new expert statement of the Czech Academy of Sciences

OtherPopularisation of Science Published on 01. 09. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 2 minutes

Scientist from the Department of Genetic Toxicology and Epigenetics are co-authors and expert guarantors of a new expert statement from the Czech Academy of Sciences (abbreviated AVex) on the topic Fireworks: a toxic show with unbearable health risks (open in a new window – available only in Czech).

Many people cannot imagine New Year’s Eve celebrations without fireworks. However, the illuminated colourful skies and fireworks are literally “toxic showers” for humans and the environment. An alarming number of dangerous and harmful substances enter the air in the Czech Republic every year — many of them in forms that do not occur naturally in nature.

This AVex is dedicated to describing the risks arising from using fireworks. The text is based on a critical review of almost 2000 original papers published in international peer-reviewed journals with an impact factor that dealt with the topic of firework smog toxicity. Scientific knowledge to date shows that amateur fireworks, in particular, cannot be operated without serious health, environmental and other risks.

AVex is an independent expert statement prepared by the Czech Academy of Sciences for the government and state authorities as an expert opinion in public affairs. The guarantor of the statement is the relevant department (public research institution) of the Czech Academy of Sciences.