PhD Open Position 2024/2025

Development of bioactive scaffolds for the healing of chronic wounds


Head of the Department
Eva Filová, Ph.D.

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Project description

The aim is to develop biodegradable scaffolds which are able to release bioactive substances supporting healing of chronic wounds. (e.g. growth factors, exosomes from stem cells or plant cells), chemicals supporting angiogenesis or drugs (e.g. antibiotics). Porous foam scaffolds or hydrogels with different nanostructure or microstructure will be combined with nano/microparticles or exosomes to prepare a drug delivery system.

Scaffolds will be seeded with cells – skin cell lines, primary cells, coculture with other cell types, and tested from cell adhesion, migration, proliferation,  differentiation and extracellular matrix production. The culture condittions will be adopted to chronic wounds. Selected scaffolds will be tested in vivo (on pigs) and evaluated histologically.

Candidate profile

M.Sc. (Mgr.) degree or equivalent in molecular/cellular biology, biochemistry, or medicine; strong interest in cell and molecular biology

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