Geneticist Pavel Vodička is among the ten newly appointed holders of the highest scientific degree "Res. Prof."

Award Published on 06. 10. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

On 4 October 2023, the Czech Academy of Sciences headquarters hosted a ceremony of awarding diplomas and the scientific title “Res. Prof.” to ten excellent scientists. The diplomas were presented by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Eva Zažímalová, and the Chairman of the Science Council of the CAS, Pavel Baran.

Among the newly appointed Research Professor is also Pavel Vodička, a renowned expert in cancer research and head of the Department of Molecular Biology of Cancer, who has contributed during his long career mainly to the study of the influence of carcinogens, the process of carcinogenesis and DNA damage.

The degree “Res. Prof.” is the highest scientific title in the professional career of a scientist in the Czech Republic. Scientists receive this prestigious degree as an expression of their high qualifications demonstrated by creating significant, scientifically original works important for developing research in a particular field and characterising a distinct scientific personality.

More information can be found in the official press release (open in a new window – available only in Czech).

Photo: Jana Plavec, The Centre of Administration and Operations of the CAS

Geneticist Pavel Vodička receives the academic diploma from the President of the CAS Eva Zažímalová