Exhibition of competition images from the 10th edition of the Photogenic Science photo contest

Other Published on 13. 12. 2023 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

Our scientists achieve success not only in science and research but also in academic, creative competitions. One example is this year’s 10th-anniversary edition of the Věda fotogenická (open in a new window) (Photogenic Science) competition, in which Petra Veselá from the Department of Functional Organisation of Biomembranes qualified for the semi-finals with her image entitled “Passage to another dimension”, which showed cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Other colleagues, namely Satyendra Mondal from the same department and Dana Mareková from the Department of Neuroregeneration, also participated in this year’s edition.

The selected contest images and illustrations are on exhibition in the Science and Art Gallery in the Czech Academy of Sciences building on Národní třída until 31 January 2024.

Don’t miss it; come and discover the art of science.

Competition image by Petra Veselá entitled "Passage to another dimension".