The Week of the Brain festival will offer the latest discoveries and news from neuroscience

Popularisation of Science Published on 12. 02. 2024 Reading time Reading time: 1 minute

The traditional Week of the Brain festival begins in exactly one month, presenting the latest discoveries and news from neuroscience. The festival is part of the worldwide campaign Brain Awareness Week (open in a new window) and has been organised since 1998 when it was initiated and founded by our neuroscientist, Prof. Josef Syka. The festival takes place in the Czech Academy of Sciences building on Národní Street; a detailed schedule of lectures will be available soon on the website (open in a new window – available only in Czech).

Grafický banner 25. ročníku festivalu Týden mozku. Pořádá Akdemie věd ČR v termínu 11.-17.3.2024. O nejnovějších objevech a trendech ve výzkumu mozku a neurovědách.