BSL-2 surgical room

The laboratory is equipped with devices and tools needed for surgical procedures related to intravital imaging, such as cranial window implantation or viral injection. It is BSL-2 certified.


Stereotaxic frame

Device name: Neurostar (open in a new window)

Stereotaxic frame can be used for securing the animal’s position during surgery or viral injections. It is equipped with a camera and screen for visualizing the operations, and brain atlas integration that facilitates navigation.

Programmable nanoliter injector

Device name: Nanoject III (open in a new window)

The programmable nanoliter injector can be used for viral vector injections.

Anesthesia setup

Isofluorane anesthesia is available in the lab. The setup includes vaporizer and two chambers for anesthesia induction.

Surgical instruments

The laboratory is equipped with all necessary surgical tools. This includes surgical holder and and dental drill for bone removal.

Other equipment

Heating pad

Glass capillary puller

Laminar flow box

Deep freezer