Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS


  1. Every user is obligated to follow instructions given by technician.
  2. Every user must attend a training course for the microscope of use.
  3. Untrained persons are allowed to use the microscopes only under supervision of technician.
  4. User is obligated to book the microscope before the experiment. As default, user can reserve max. 20 hours per 2 weeks for one device. Booking more hours is possible on request. 
  5. If user cannot come to the microscope at the reserved time, he/she is obliged to cancel the reservation so that the microscope can be used by another user.
  6. Unless agreed with the technician, it is not allowed to mount or dismount any optical, electronical, or other device on the microscopes (objectives, filters, cameras, etc.).
  7. The user is obligated to inform the technician about any fault or accident which occurred during experiment.
  8. User is obligated to keep the microscope and microscope room clean.
  9. Eating and drinking in the microscope room is not allowed.
  10. Access to the microscopes can be denied in case of violation of the rules.