Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS

Application number Document number Title
PUV 2019-35874 32666 Lyophilized preparation for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases
PUV 2018-35280 32813 A medical device for the application of a therapeutically active atmosphere in the treatment of eye diseases 
PV 2018-381 307891 A method and the equipment for detecting particle concentration, particulary a nanoparticle
PUV 2018-35244 32083 An audiometer for a measuring apparatus for a comprehensive hearing test and measuring apparatus for a comprehensive hearing test containing this audiometer
PUV 2018-35218 32414 A device for detecting particle concentration, especially nanoparticles
PUV 2018-34759 31773 A preparation for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative eye diseases and eye drops adjusted in vials
PV 2017-293 308052 Polysubstituted pyrimidines
PV 2017-84 307851 Medicinal product to prevent and treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases
PUV 2017-33974 31034 A low-temperature plasma source, especially for plasma generation when used in medical bio-applications
PUV 2017-33889 31206 A preparation for preserving human or animal cells at very low temperatures
PUV 2016-33101 30270 A means for storage, transportation and application of stem cells
PUV 2016-33078 30612 3D composite gels for controlled cell differentiation under in vitro conditions
PUV 2016-32937 30239 A preparation containing stem cells for treatment of inflammatory diseases, post-traumatic reactions and degenerative diseases
PUV 2016-32290 30686 A variable kit for cultivation of cell structures in cultivation plates
PV 2016-644 307325 A composition containing stem cells for the treatment of post-traumatic inflammatory responses and a method of its manufacture
PV 2016-284 306800 A device for storage, transport and application of stem cells
PUV 2015-31845 29236 Low-temperature plasma source, especially for plasma generation in the form of various voluminous formations
PUV 2015-31600 29159 Low-temperature plasma source with possibility of contact as well as contactless application
PUV 2015-30685 28419 Composite surgical net with nanofibrous layer
PV 2015-698 306217 Low-temperature plasma source with possibility of both contact and contactless application and process for preparing sandwich structure for such a source
PUV 2014-30345 27679 Low-temperature plasma source, particularly for deactivation of bacteria
PUV 2013-28192 25959 Plasma atmospheric source, especially for use in medicinal applications
PV 2013-1079 307053 3 D collagen porous composite carriers for accelerated bone regeneration
PV 2013-543 304814 Atmospheric plasma source, particularly for use in medicinal bioapplications
PUV 2012-25856 23746 Device to generate low-temperature plasma with adjustable concentration of ionized particles
PV 2011-324 303252 Elimination method of antigenic properties of 5-ethynyl-2´-deoxyuridine and 5-ethynyluridine when detecting nucleic acids
PV 2011-309 303251 Marking method of two-chain DNA molecules
PV 2011-308 303230 Method of accessing specific pyrimidine nucleosides in a structure of a two-chain DNA for reacting with antibodies suitable for reacting with these nucleosides
PV 2011-133 303587 Threads and nets with functionalized nanofibers for biomedicinal application
PV 2011-103 305457 Pyrimidine compounds inhibiting formation of nitrogen monoxide and prostaglandin E2, process for their preparation and use
PV 2010-298 302613 Method of detecting RNA molecules that are polyadenylated at 3´-terminus and RNA molecules that comprise inside the chain sections of adenines following tightly each other by making use of 5-bromo-2´-deoxyuridine, 5-iodo-2´-deoxyuridine and 5-chloro-2´-deoxyuridine in the form of triphosphates in permeabilized cells and tissues and on sections through cells or tissues
PUV 2009-21121 20346 Net enriched with nanofibers of polycaprolactone or a mixture of polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid or polyvinylchloride with adhered liposomes
PUV 2009-21120 20292 Net of polycaprolactone or polyglycolic acid or a mixture of polylactic and polyglycolic acids with nanofibers
PUV 2009-21119 20291 Collagen/fibrin net with nanofibers of polycaprolactone
PV 2009-496 302699 Process for producing nanofiber-based nanopellets
PV 2006-821 299687 Process for preparing controlled layers of fibrin on solid surfaces

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