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The Department of Neurochemistry studies molecular mechanisms that regulate the function of glutamate receptors in the mammalian central nervous system. We also aim to develop novel pharmacological compounds that act on glutamate receptors for the treatment of cognitive decline caused by neurodegeneration. Our experimental approach includes microscopy, biochemistry, and electrophysiology in cultured hippocampal neurones and human fibroblasts derived from patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Our long-term goal is to develop “personalised” compounds for treating specific neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer disease.

img-7630 From the left: Marharyta Kolcheva, Kristýna Skřenková, Štěpán Kortus, Martin Horák, Martina Kaniaková, Barbora Krausová, Anna Misiachna.

Deputy Head:

Kristýna Skřenková, MSc

Research Scientists:

Martin Horák, PhD. 
Barbora Hrčka Krausová, PhD. 

PhD. Students:

Marharyta Kolcheva, MSc 
Štěpán Kortus, MSc 
Jakub Netolický, MSc
Valentina Marchi, MSc
Anna Misiachna, MSc 
Kristýna Skřenková, MSc


Skrenkova KHemelikova KKolcheva MKortus SKaniakova M, Krausova BHorak M. Structural features in the glycine-binding sites of the GluN1 and GluN3A subunits regulate the surface delivery of NMDA receptorsScientific reports 9:12303. IF=4.5

Hemelikova KKolcheva MSkrenkova KKanikova MHorak MLectins modulate the functional properties of GluN1/GluN3A – containg receptorsNeuropharmacology 157, 107671. IF = 4.4 

Kaniakova M , Nepovinova E, Kleteckova L, Skrenkova K, Chrienova Z, Hepnarova V, Vales K, Soukup O, Korabecny J*, Horak M*. Combination of Memantine and 6-Chlorotacrine as Novel Multi-Target Compound against Alzheimer’s Disease. Current Alzheimer Research. IF=3.3


Kaniakova M , Kleteckova L, Lichnerova K, Holubova K, Skrenkova K, Korinek M, Krusek J, Smejkalova T, Korabecny J, Vales K, Soukup O, Horak M*. 7-Methoxyderivative of tacrine is a 'foot-in-the-door' open-channel blocker of GluN1/GluN2 and GluN1/GluN3 NMDA receptors with neuroprotective activity in vivo. Neuropharmacology. 2018;140:217-232. IF=4.2

Skrenkova K , Lee S, Lichnerova K, Kaniakova M, Hansikova H, Zapotocky M, Suh YH*, Horak M*. N-Glycosylation Regulates the Trafficking and Surface Mobility of GluN3A-Containing NMDA Receptors. Front Mol Neurosci. 2018 Jun 4;11:188. IF=3.9

Regulation of the trafficking and function of GluN3A-containing NMDA receptors in mammalian neurones
GAČR, 18-04329S, 2018–2020

Role of transmembrane domain in transport and function of NMDA receptors
GAUK, 468217, 2017–2019

National Institute of Mental Health, Klecany

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Neuroscience Research Institute, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Republic of Korea

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