Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS

In our Department we investigate molecular characteristics of solid cancers, especially of the colon, rectum, pancreas and ovaries. Within these studies we focus on the molecular epidemiological level in order 1. to identify biomarkers of increased predisposition to tumour diseases, 2. enable early diagnostics, 3. assess individual responses to anti-tumour treatment, 4. and determine long-term prognosis. The Department has been working with different types of biological material from a patients with cancer diseases, such as solid tissue, blood cells or plasma.


Deputy Head:

Veronika Vymetálková, MSc, PhD.
Phone: +420 241 062 699

Research Scientists:

Michal Kroupa, Ph.D.
Martin Mokrejš, Ph.D.
Alessio Naccarati, Ph,D.
Alena Opattová, PhD.
Soňa Vodenková, Ph.D.
Pavel Vodička, MD, PhD. 
Ludmila Vodičková, MD, PhD.
Veronika Vymetálková, MSc, PhD.

PhD. Students:

Petra Bendová, MSc
Klára Červená, MSc
Andrea Čumová, MSc
Josef Horák, MD
Jan Král, MD
Alexandra Rejhová, MSc
Kristýna Tomášová, MSc
Phone: +420 241 062 251

Undergraduate Students:

Ivana Fabianová
Dominika Vallušová, Bc

External Collaborators:

Jana Slyšková, Ph.D.
Markéta Urbanová, Ph.D.


Hana Vargošková

Important results in 2018

1. Analysis of the effect of functional genetic variants in DNA repair genes in relation to the risk of colorectal cancer

Results of the study of 16 genetic variants of DNA repair genes:

Identification of a single genetic polymorphism (rs3204953, the REV3L gene) associated with a 2.3-fold higher risk of disease for the carriers of variant genotype (p = 0.006) in association study.

Identification of variants rs3218649 in the gene POLQ and rs7689099 in the NEIL3 gene as significantly associated with overall survival (OS) and recurrent survival (RFS), using CART analysis.


Publication : Jiraskova, K., Hughes, D., Brezina, S., Gumpenberger, T., Veskrnova, V., Buchler, T., … Vodicka, P. (2018). Functional Polymorphisms in DNA Repair Genes Are Associated with Sporadic Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility and Clinical Outcome. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(1), 97.


2. Base excision repair capacity as a determinant of prognosis and therapy response in colon cancer patients

Our results indicate that BER-DRC in non-malignant adjacent mucosa was positively associated with overall survival (P = 0.007) and relapse-free survival (P = 0.04). Additionally, in multivariate analysis, good therapy responders in TNM stage II and III with an elevated BER-DRC in mucosa exhibited better overall survival. Moreover, the overall survival of these patients was even better in the presence of a decreased BER-DRC in tumor tissue. The ratio of BER-DRC in tumor tissue over BER-DRC in mucosa positively correlated with advanced tumor stage (P = 0.003). 




Publication : Vodenkova, S., Jiraskova, K., Urbanova, M., Kroupa, M., Slyskova, J., Schneiderova, M., … Vodicka, P. (2018). Base excision repair capacity as a determinant of prognosis and therapy response in colon cancer patients. DNA Repair, 72, 77–85.


3. Expression profile of miR-17/92 cluster is predictive of treatment response in rectal cancer

We identified RC-specific miRNA signature that distinguishes responders from non-responders to adjuvant chemotherapy. A predominant part of identified miRNAs was represented by the members of miR-17/92 cluster. Upregulation of miRNA-17, -18a, -18b, -19a, -19b, -20a, -20b and -106a in tumor was associated with higher risk of tumor relapse and their overexpression in RC cell lines stimulated cellular proliferation. Examination of these miRNAs in plasma exosomes showed that their levels differed between RC patients and healthy controls and correlated with patient's treatment response. 


Publication : Kral, J., Korenkova, V., Novosadova, V., Langerova, L., Schneiderova, M., Liska, V., … Slyskova, J. (2018). Expression profile of miR-17/92 cluster is predictive of treatment response in rectal cancer. Carcinogenesis, 39(11), 1359–1367.


4. Discovery of common and rare genetic risk variants for colorectal cancer

To further dissect the genetic architecture of colorectal cancer (CRC), we performed whole-genome sequencing of 1,439 cases and 720 controls, imputed discovered sequence variants and Haplotype Reference Consortium panel variants into genome-wide association study data, and tested for association in 34,869 cases and 29,051 controls. Findings were followed up in an additional 23,262 cases and 38,296 controls. We discovered a strongly protective 0.3% frequency variant signal at CHD1. In a combined meta-analysis of 125,478 individuals, we identified 40 new independent signals at P< 5 × 10−8, bringing the number of known independent signals for CRC to ~100. New signals implicate lower-frequency variants, Krüppel-like factors, Hedgehog signaling, Hippo-YAP signaling, long noncoding RNAs and somatic drivers, and support a role for immune function. Heritability analyses suggest that CRC risk is highly polygenic, and larger, more comprehensive studies enabling rare variant analysis will improve understanding of biology underlying this risk and influence personalized screening strategies and drug development.



Publication:  Huyghe, J. R., Bien, S. A., Harrison, T. A., Kang, H. M., Chen, S., Schmit, S. L., … Peters, U. (2019). Discovery of common and rare genetic risk variants for colorectal cancer. Nature Genetics, 51(1), 76–87.



Important results in 2017

1. MicroRNA-binding site polymorphisms in genes involved in colorectal cancer etiopathogenesis as a predictive biomarkers for treatment of the disease

The CC genotype in rs8679 in PARP gene was associated with an increased risk of recurrence/progression in pacient. Carriers of at least on C allele were at a decreased risk of cancer (P = 0.005). Moreover the CC genotype in rs8679 was also associated with an increased risk of recurrence/progression in patients that received 5-FU-based chemotherapy (log-rank test P = 0.03).


Kaplan–Meier EFS curves in CRC patients undergoing 5-FU-based chemotherapy stratified for rs8679 in PARP1 gene.

Publication:  Michaela Schneiderova, Alessio Naccarati, Barbara Pardini, Fabio Rosa, Cornelia Di Gaetano, Katerina Jiraskova, Alena Opattova, Miroslav Levy, Karel Veskrna, Veronika Veskrnova, Tomas Buchler, Stefano Landi, Pavel Vodicka, Veronika Vymetalkova; MicroRNA-binding site polymorphisms in genes involved in colorectal cancer etiopathogenesis and their impact on disease prognosis, Mutagenesis, Volume 32, Issue 5, 17 October 2017, Pages 533-542,


2. The relative telomere length in peripheral lymphocytes may reflect the susceptibility to radiomimetics in colorectal cancer patient

We observed statistically significant increased level of chromosomal damage in CRC patients compared with controls after bleomycin treatment. Patients with shorter relative telomere length exhibited significantly higher amount of damage in peripheral lymphocytes after bleomycin treatment


Spearman correlation of relative telomere length and chromosomal damage in CRC patients and controls.

Publication: Kroupa M , Polivkova Z, Rachakonda S, et al. Bleomycin-induced chromosomal damage and shortening of telomeres in peripheral blood lymphocytes of incident cancer patients. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2018;57:61–69.


Important results in 2016

1. Polymorphisms in microRNA binding sites of mucin genes are significantly associated with the risk of colorectal cancer development and patient's survival

Patients carrying the CC genotype of rs886403 in MUC21 displayed a shorter survival and higher recurrence risk when compared with TT.

1 2 3

Publication: Veronika Vymetalkova , Barbara Pardini, Fabio Rosa, Katerina Jiraskova, Cornelia Di Gaetano, Petra Bendova, Miloslav Levy, Veronika Veskrnova, Tomas Buchler, Ludmila Vodickova, Alessio Naccarati, Pavel Vodicka; Polymorphisms in microRNA binding sites of mucin genes as predictors of clinical outcome in colorectal cancer patients, Carcinogenesis, Volume 38, Issue 1, 1 January 2017, Pages 28–39,


2. DNA methylation profiles of selected genes as biomarkers in rectal carcinogenesis

Analysis of methylation profile of paired samples of patient with rectal carcinoma (tumor tussue vs. adjacent mucosa) revealed aberrant methylation in 33 genes. This study has demonstrated the possibility of using specific methylated DNA profiles as diagnostic biomarkers in patients with rectal carcinoma.


Publication: Veronika Vymetalkova , Pavel Vodicka, Barbara Pardini, Fabio Rosa, Miroslav Levy, Michaela Schneiderova, Vaclav Liska, Ludmila Vodickova, Torbjörn K Nilsson, and Sanja A Farkas; Epigenome-wide analysis of DNA methylation reveals a rectal cancer-specific epigenomic signature, Epigenomics 2016 8:9, 1193-1207,



Vodenkova S, Kroupa M, Polivkova Z, Musak L, Ambrus M, Schneiderova M, Kozevnikovova R, Vodickova L, Rachakonda S, Hemminki K, Kumar R, Vodicka P. Chromosomal damage and telomere length in peripheral blood lymphocytes of cancer patients. Oncol Rep. 2020 Nov;44(5):2219-2230. doi: 10.3892/or.2020.7774. Epub 2020 Sep 21. PMID: 33000239

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AZV 17-30920A Characterization of acquired chemoresistance by DNA repair gene profiling in colon cancer patients through non-invasive repeated analysis. PI: Ing. Vymetálková, (2017-2020).

GACR 18- 09709S  Mapping the traits involved in malignant transformation of colorectal adenoma into carcinoma. PI: Dr. Vodička, (2018-2020).

NV 18-03-00199 Identification of diagnostic markers in colorectal cancer by profiling of trascriptome, DNA methylome and microbiome in adenoma-carcinoma transition. PI: Dr. Vodička, (2018-2021).

GACR 19-10543S Changes in DNA repair system associated with therapy outcome of ovarian carcinoma. PI: Dr. Vodička, (2019-2021).

NV19-09-00237 The clinicopathological and molecular factors detected in metastases, predicting of treatment response in colon cancer patients. PI: Dr.Vymetálková, (2019-2022).

GACR 20-03997S Influence of microbial metabolites and diet on genome and epigenoma in colorectal carcinoma PI: Dr. Vodička, (2020-2022)

Thomayer hospital Prague

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CEITEC - central european institute of technology, Brno

DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center) Heidelberg, Germany (prof. Hemminki, prof. Kumar, Dr. Canzian, Dr. Főrsti)

University of Pisa, Italy (prof. Landi, prof. Barale, dr. Campa)

Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine, Torino, Italy (Dr. Naccarati, Dr. Pardini)

Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Holland (prof. Van Wezel)

IDIBAPS / CIBERehd / Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, Spain (Dr. Castellvi-Bel)

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