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Department of Molecular Biology of Cancer


Pavel Vodička, MD, PhD


Project title

DNA damage and repair in carcinogenesis of solid tumors


Pavel Vodička, MD, PhD / Soňa Vodenková, PhD

Project description

Genome instability represents one of the leading forces driving the onset and development of cancer. It arises as a consequence of the combined effect of DNA damage and errors made by the DNA repair system. In many cancers, DNA damage tolerance and DNA repair pathways are disrupted or deregulated, which increases mutagenesis and genome instability, thereby promoting cancer progression. DNA repair also appears to play a substantial role in cancer therapy response. This project will be performed in response to several unclear and unresolved issues of the role of DNA damage and DNA repair in cancer pathogenesis. The aim of the project will be searching for potential novel biomarkers and confirmation of the validity of already existing biomarkers related to DNA damage and DNA repair, which may be associated with cancer susceptibility and the patient's clinical outcome. The biological basis of different biomarkers and their associations will be also explored. Experimental work will include advanced molecular, cytogenetic, and microscopic techniques on human (cancer) samples and cancer cell lines.

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